Amazon Quiz Today Right answer 31 December 2020

Amazon Quiz Today Right answer 31 December 2020

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 Amazon quiz answer Today 31 December 2020

1) In December 2020, Margaret Keenan, a British grandmother of four, became the first person in the world to receive what?

Ans:Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine

2) Breaking, that was introduced in the Olympics for 2024, is the official name for which competitive 'sport'?

Ans: Breakdancing

3) Frank Carney, who recently passed away, started which popular fastfood chain in 1958?

Ans: Pizza Hut

4) In this Oscar winning Disney movie, this robot falls in love with which other robot?

Ans: EVE

5) Found in Frankfurt, Germany, this installation is dedicated to what currency?

Ans: Euro

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